Tuesday, 20 April 2010

A Few Words with American Men

At Lawrence Auster's VFR the case of a 35 year old nurse is discussed. She got "romantically" (this is probably my most-loathed Americanism among countless much-loathed Americanisms) involved with an Iranian asylum seeker seven years her junior. She tried to break it off with him after he failed to pay the instalments for the refund of the 3,000 GBP (no less) he stole from her bank account. For that, he stabbed her to death 130 times in the face and neck.

Again: Here we have a mature, educated and (judging from the one picture at VFR) very attractive woman who embarks on a relationship with an unsavoury grease ball 7 years her junior. She had been unfazed by the abysmal record of relationships between European women and Middle-Eastern (read: Muslim) men. She considered it a serious relationship. She obviously granted him access to her bank account. She even didn't break off with him after she caught him stealing, only after he failed to pay for the refund. One of the commenters at VFR says:
"I just don't get what is in the minds of these women? Is it really just overwhelming liberal/ ideological tendencies that draw them to men whom they should know will do nothing for them then bring probable heartache or even death itself?"

We traditionalists need to come up with convincing answers to these questions because there are legions of young, single men in America thinking the same thing and the Gamers are ready and standing by to give them what they want. The Gamers will say it is inherent to woman's nature to seek danger and excitement and male dominance rooted in biological evolution, so learn to be dangerous, exciting, and alpha, or else you are doomed to a miserable, single existence. At the very least, this is a coherent, rational sounding explanation to the average guy, and it has some truth to it, notwithstanding the broader materialist/nihilist worldview to which it appeals. With the Gamers confidently announcing exegesis on these types of phenomena we can't be left scratching our heads.
The Gamers never made much sense to me. They are trying to explain away the fact that American men voluntarily gave up their rights and their duty in the name of political correctness and are now whining about being discarded as "beta males". Worse, to justify it, they are searching for "a coherent, rational sounding explanation", while committing a serious fallacy. How can it be biologically "inherent to woman's nature to seek danger and excitement" in male dominance when human life had been at all times about raising children in safety -- freedom from physical threats and starvation, which is about the opposite of the female yearning alleged by the Gamers? Do unemployed Muslim grease balls fit into such a pattern of providing for the mutual offspring in every aspect? Good joke!

Yes, traditionalists need to come up with convincing answers to these questions indeed. What about a little bit of ... traditionalism? Forty years of "emancipation", forty years of being able to make "choices" have proven that women are, by and large, unable to make sane, reasonable choices. They need the strict guidelines of a traditionally organised society under male rule.

What went wrong? Social stigmata have been removed from our consciousness as unjust. Obviously, justice and fairness is a concept alien to the female mind. While the original idea was, for example, to de-stigmatise a poor little wench who had been seduced by one ruthless male predator and born an illegitimate child, womanhood in general took it as an invitation to have as many illegitimate children as they liked. While the original idea was to de-stigmatise divorced women -- How could one to be expected to know what suffering laid behind anything like that! -- they took it as an invitation to discard their marriage vows as irrelevant. While the original idea was, for example, to do away with something as evil as social, religious or racial boundaries, womanhood in general took it as an invitation to embark on a "relationship" with any bum who happened to catch their undiscerning fancy. I could quote more examples. You get the general idea?

Women need to be married young within their peer group, getting a divorce ought to be considerably impeded; and parents ought to get their guts back to tell their children: "THAT IS NO COMPANY FOR YOU!"

I, as a German, see quite a few typically American traits which have very probably aggravated the status quo and while I am trying not to be judgemental, this ought to be addressed. For once, I don't think the degree of materialism at our end is quite that high. That is not a good or bad thing per se, materialism is a healthy notion and can be, without doubt, constructive, and idealism extremely destructive. In fact, German idealism has led us disastrously astray, historically. However, recognising such cultural differences may be helpful and it just is a fact that good looks of a woman don't seem to be considered here all that much as a marketable item. I see friends and the daughters of friends who have, for better or worse, chosen men far below any reasonable expectations they objectively had. The only one who married a seriously rich man did it for love (and paid a high price for it), but by and large those marriages worked out as well as one can possibly expect in a society without rules. Then there is the American body cult. And while I admire the polish of American women (I have profited from it by buying as-good-as-new designer clothes at Ebay) it has a flipside as well. If some breast implants on two legs with remarkable credentials of American dentistry in what might once have been a pretty girl's face and an artfully dishevelled blond mane on top are considered a paragon of American beauty, something stinks. Not to speak of the organised sexual child abuse that goes by the euphemism of "child beauty pageants" and which for some reason makes me mad beyond anything else.

Does anybody seriously think that FATHERS want their little girls to strut their stuff like that? And can it in any way be considered ethical, or even useful, to base a woman's market value on that and JUST that?

Dear American men, get a grip on reality. If you want to save your home and the West, you don't need to be blown to smithereens by an Islamist bomb in some remote country. Go home and tell your wives as a first step that you expect a decent dinner, a clean house and a smiling face if you come home after a day of work providing for her and your children's livelihood. Tell your daughters that they are not (NOT!) to dress like sluts, that "sexy" is a no- and "popular" a rather doubtful standard. Tell your children that you expect them to keep up some degree of societal quality, that people are only very theoretically all the same and that Salsa classes are not the right place to meet somebody for a lasting commitment. And then go and give some spine back to your sons who have been in the meantime emasculated by generations of feminists (not all of them female) kindergarten workers, teachers, psychologists, therapists and other assorted scum of the earth. Just as a couple of first steps.

I, personally, think it's too late, but I couldn't keep my big mouth shut.

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