Sunday, 25 June 2006

Women Can't Do Wrong and Children Have No Lobby

Today, Patsy Ramsey, the mother of murdered child beauty queen JonBenet, made the frontpage of Google news by dying from ovarian cancer.

I take this welcome opportunity to engage in one of my occasional anti-American rants. They usually happen when I am overwhelmed by the guilt of being a self-hating German and ranting about American shortcomings usually helps. (That was sarcasm, by the way.) This time it's about the sick, perverted American cult of "proms", "beauty pageants" and "children's beauty pageants". The difference is that the former lets a sixteen-year old girl look like a 30-vear old hooker, while the latter lets a four-year old girl look like a 30-year old CHEAP hooker.

Whether the unspeakable Ramsey woman killed her child or not is not for me to judge. To me, a mother who pimps her little girl to pose "sexily" in revealing outfits in front of a bunch of sick paederasts after she has lumbered her, true to form, with a pretentious, crappy name like "JonBenet" for life, has killed her child's soul anyway long before its physical death.

Aren't any feminists or child protection groups out there fighting this sort of degenerate spectacles? But I guess they are too busy fantasising about an all-dyke society and how to reduce men to sperm-donor status and and are unmovedly watching when tiny girls are victimised for their mother's need for vicarious fame and not-quite-so-vicarious profit.

Women can't do any wrong and children have no lobby.

Yes, my non-American reader, "beauty pageants", those for children included, are a multi-billion business and the girl below is not older than six. She can't be older because she was six when she was mudered by some pervert. Or rather, the pervert killed what her mother hadn't killed before.

"Love, purity and joy" said the inscription on JonBenet's tombstone, just those three things the little girl surely did NOT possess anymore when she died.

I remember having once read about the "Münchhausen-by-proxy-syndrome", a condition that lets mothers
clandestinely make their children sick, or their sick children even sicker, to get attention and praise for their "care". Children are known to have died from this.

Only women are suffering from this "syndrome". If men were largely guilty of this, nobody would have bothered to introduce a special medical condition, fancy name included.

It would have been simply called "Evil".