Thursday, 15 April 2010

Tough luck he isn't a puppy!

By now, everybody will have heard of the 7-year-old adopted boy who was placed on a flight back to Moscow by this "Tennessee mom". (Don't get me started now on disgusting American euphemisms!)

The boy may well have been a violent nutcase and she can blame the adoption agency and the Russian officials for dishonesty as much as she wants. They probably were. I am not even insisting that it was her duty to undergo therapy and all the excruciating processes other, responsible, adoptive parents choose to undergo. (Well, it WAS her duty, but I am not insisting on it for argument's sake.) However, nothing changes the fact that she put a helpless, troubled little boy alone on a 10-hour- flight and arranged for a stranger she found via the Internet, and who could have very well have been a fiend , to pick him up at the other end to drop him off like an broken bit of merchandise. So the child was too much fuss for her. Alright, but ist seems that even getting rid of him in a halfway decent manner was too much fuss for her.

I did quite an extensive Internet search and I found countless sheer and undiluted expressions of disgust at the "adoptive mother's" behaviour, even more expressing stern disapproval but granted her "good intentions" in the first place and that they could relate to her because they experienced similar problems with their own adopted child and -- worst -- those "I don't think we can judge unless we have gone through the same blah blah blah ..." relativists. Right! I guess you can't judge a mass murderer or a paederast until you've killed a few and raped at least one child. Gosh, DO I hate "ordinary people".
Neighbours in the rural town of 20,000 said Hansen [the adoptive mother] was a loving mother who found she could not cope with a violent child.

Linda Austin said: 'We knew there were problems but she tried her best. I think she is getting the raw end of the deal.'

Another neighbour added: 'Torry desperately wanted a child of her own, but she just found this boy uncontrollable.'
I wonder what they'd said had the skank abandoned a puppy. We've yet to see a snappy slogan like "A child is for life, not just Christmas".

However, what I did NOT see in the course of my Internet search, was one single challenge of the fact that here we have a case of a "single mom" (Did I say that you oughtn't to get me started on disgusting American euphemisms?) as an "adoptive parent". Incidentally, previous adoption failures have increased Russian officials' wariness of adoptions to the U.S. In 2006, Peggy Sue Hilt of Manassas, Virginia, was sentenced to 25 years in prison after being convicted of fatally beating a 2-year-old girl adopted from Siberia and 2008, Kimberly Emelyantsev of Tooele, Utah, was sentenced to 15 years after pleading guilty to killing a Russian infant in her care.

Does anybody see a pattern there?

Or here?
A Florida woman left her adopted Guatemalan kindergartener in the airport immediately after bringing him to the United States (he remained in foster care until she sought, and regained, custody of him 16 months later).
I guess we can at least be grateful that they didn't call her a "Florida mom".

What can one expect from a woman with a crappy name like "Torry Ann"? (I sometimes think that every single cliché is true.) What from an "adoptive grandmother" who makes "cute" statements like the one saying that her daughter "only wanted to have a family". And nobody laughs that old bag out of the door and tells her, as her daughter isn't married, that, no, she can't.

Is there really a scenario all that easily imaginable, where a married couple would do that to a child? That they would have rejected professional help? That they would have come forward with simpering bullshit like they "only wanted to have a family"? As if that would explain, let alone excuse, anything.

Women simply don't have the moral fibre, strength, reliability, integrity, maturity and devotion to be trusted with the sole care for a child. It's bad enough what they are doing to their birth children, so it's sheer and utter madness to indulge their whim "to have a family" and let them adopt. If they are unable to form a stable relationship with a man, how can they be trusted to form one with a child?

America, you have a lot of problems. You have a radical leftwinger in the White House, massive economic issues and God knows what consequences your immigration policy will have. But the worst you are doing to yourself is feminism. Why? Because it goes straight at the heart of any intact society -- the family.

What happened to the little boy is bad enough, but what is worse is the fact that nobody seems to notice that adoption rights for unmarried mothers stink.