Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Recommended Reading

From Lawrence Auster's VFR:
By the way, have you noticed the predominance of highly placed women in the idiocies being discussed in the below entries? The Episcopal Presiding Bishopette who says that individual salvation is a heresy and wants to replace it with African style village collectivism; the female federal judge who says that as a “wise Latina” she would be a better judge than a white man; and the female soon-to-be ex governor who makes her personal drama the centerpiece of her supposedly conservative politics. I am not attributing the madness of Western self-destruction to women, but it is clear that the more a society has women in leading positions, the more that society goes downhill.
It's worth to read the mentioned entries in detail.

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Female Misogynist said...

That was awesome. Thanks; after the recent trolling on my blog, I needed some sanity.