Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Figments of Oestrogen-Addled Brains

This is derived from A Tale of Two 31-Year Old Mothers, an entry from Roncesvalles. The overall topic there is the silencing of Islam-critics, but -- call me obsessed -- take any silly, destructive, lost or dangerous cause and you'll find women at the core of it.

This is no exception.

Case in point: The recent murder of a Muslim woman from Egypt by a passport-German from Russia in a German courtroom and the ensuing grovelling by the German media, politicians and public. All honour killings and other crimes within the Muslim counter-culture, all killings, mutilations and beatings-up of Germans by our Muslim "culture enrichers" are, as far as they got any attention at all, forgotten. They were "isolated cases" anway, whereas for this -- really isolated -- case all Germans are held responsible, a crime committed by a man who wasn't even socialised within the evil "islamophobic" German culture. Future critics of Islam will have to live now with the possibility, nay, the probability, to be identified as the instigators of potential murder.

What was most frightening, however, was the fact that even the obscene extravaganza of German self-hatred and submission following the murder wasn't enough for the trailblazing whips (or rather: "whippettes") of dhimmitude. Andrea Dernbach, who has proven her ethical depth and moral prowess already by a justification of sex with children to clear Islam of the suspicion of homophobia, asked in all seriousness under the header "Germany's new hatred": "Why does the death of a woman wearing a headscarf – who wasn’t the victim of a so-called “honour killing” – spark so little interest in Germany?"

That is the same Dernbach who carries a torch, or better: an entire conflagration, for Christianity-hating (and thus hugely popular) "Germano-Iranian" author Navid Kermani, lauded in typically German self-hatred ("Hun-Throat-Feet") as somebody close to a new Goethe. The same Dernbach, who isn't ashamed of writing:
...while 14 per cent of German working-class children say they want to gain a school-leaving certificate (Abitur)*, this figure is almost twice as high (27 per cent) among migrants' children in the same social group
...and, of course, doesn't mention that this is, granted the figure is based on facts, because children whose parents have a "migration background" are told that they have the right to everything and that standards are lowered to make sure that they will get it.

So far, so bad, but lately we seem even to export that specific brand of Islam-adoring journalettes, maybe because whatever Germans do, they do thoroughly. And indeed, under the even more incredible header "A murder that Germany ignored" one Anja Seeliger whines (in the Al Guardian, no less!) about what must be, I don't have any other explanation, the figment of an oestrogen-addled brain, and doesn't even shy away from repeating an outlandish, preposterous accusation from the Muslim media:
They [the German media] could have asked – as an Egyptian did – why Marwa's husband, while he was trying to help his wife, was shot and wounded by a policeman in the courtroom. Because he was not blond-haired?
I am not a prolific letter-to-the-editor-writer, but this time I couldn't help myself:
Your name suggests that you can read German. So you either have an agenda or you are out of your mind. The German media is, since that crime happened, in an orgiastic, self-hating frenzy. "Germans! She died for your sins!" And you are SERIOUSLY selling the above drivel to an unsuspecting Guardian readership? The day the countless ethnic Germans who are beaten to a pulp or killed by our Muslim culture enrichers get at least a fifth of the media attention this case got and it still getting, I will stop worrying what makes people like you tick.
A day or so after I wrote that I am still unable to find any other explanation apart from that figment of an oestrogen-addled brain and that is putting it even kindly.

* Sorry dear translator, but that would be a HIGH school leaving certificate, the entrance to university.