Thursday, 2 July 2009

Listen to Christian J.

I give you here Christian J., his blog and his podcasts.

More later!

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Bruce Church said...

I wasn't surprised when it was reported a few years ago that universities and colleges have a 60:40 ratio in favor of women. That's because in nearly every workplace where quotas and affirmative action has been employed, women and minorities quickly become way over-represented compared to their proportion of the population. For instance, the US Govt, US Army and US Post Office. The result is that if you search on the term "man-cession" or "mancession," you'll see that men are out of work much more than women during this recession. That's because men have been squeezed out of offices and jobs that have anything to do with the government or govt contracts (which sets quotas), and now they are in non-regulated quota-free high-risk occupations such as construction and trucking. Obama's stimulus plan and higher taxes mean the govt and quota jobs are safe, but white male occupations that rely on non-government money get the ax during a recession.