Friday, 3 July 2009

First Womyn on the Moon

A reader writes: "The US is going to spend $40+ billion to put people on the moon even though its a total waste of money since robots could do a better job. Care to guess the real reason for spending all that money? I bet it is just so the US can claim to have put a woman on the moon first, and the first black man, the first oriental, the first gay man, the first lesbian, etc. It will be a real rainbow coalition, I'm sure."

Methinks he has a point!


Bruce Church said...

When the first woman gets to the moon she'll think, "Now if I could only find a husband a start a family!" She'll look down at the earth and instead of seeing a blue marble, she'll think, "Boy, those creationists sure are out-breading us." Recently, a woman scientist visited the Creation Museum in Kentucky, and after seeing the crowds and strollers full of children, she remarked (see below):

Christine Janis, a professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at Brown University, said most of the arguments addressed at the museum she’s heard countless times before. What she found most troubling was the crowd. More than 750,000 people have visited in two years, and Janis is concerned the Creation Museum’s version of human history is the only one they’re getting. “They’re out-breeding us, that’s for sure,” Janis said.

Bruce Church said...

I was just reading a little of this blog you linked to. One entry noted that only 40% of university students were men lately, partly because the university degrees weren't relevant to the real world. I think the issue of how American men do at American universities would become paramount if the universities didn't have so many foreign students, often male, and if corporations couldn't just hire people with Green Cards. As it is, the American male can be damned since Americans schools and businesses can pick from the cream of humanity. So the American males thrive in lower occupations that foreigners can't get Green Cards to do.
men became the second sex at American universities..

Bruce Church said...

Spiegel must read your blog! Here's an article about the first woman to the moon:

The Woman Who Got to the Moon First
By Olaf Brill,1518,637176,00.html

The Germans were first on the moon -- at least in the movies. Forty years before the US put a man on the moon, iconic director Fritz Lang sent a woman there, in one of the first films set in outer space. And his cinematic flight of fancy was remarkably similar to the real Apollo voyage.

The_Editrix said...

Bruce, is Fritz Lang still known in America? He was an inordinately interesting character. I am not into "black" films, but he no doubt was a notable pioneer with an oeuvre decidedly on the creepy side. Nobody who's seen "M" will ever forget it.