Saturday, 2 May 2009

To Each Her Own

Carrie Prejean, the oldest looking twentysomething in the history of mankind, has dared to have an opinion in the wrong place, namely at a beauty pageant. That is one of those disgusting, undignified American spectacles, where the "beauty" of walking, breathing breast implants with blonde manes on top and long legs below is judged. Of course, they have talent as well. They are striving to care for the special education needs of elementary school children or cure cancer. Carrie had made a mistake in that she wasn't all over her tolerant top about "gay marriage" when asked. One can safely assume now that she didn't twig the implications of that question and that the answer she gave would cost her years of efforts of acquiring a spectacular, carefully and studied dishevelled blonde mane and turning a (presumably) normal, even pretty, young face into a frightening frozen mask with a lot of teeth.

One could ask now what a nice Christian girl is doing at such a cynical, lewd, lower class public display, and draw the conclusion that one thing Carrie isn't: an icon of and victim for any "conservative" cause.

One could ask now, too, what business a disgusting poofter like Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr. has to judge over female beauty.

Well... I guess "business" is the operative word and maybe such an understanding of female beauty is even asking for exactly such a judge.

And now excuse me, I am going to throw up.


Alphadominance said...

Ye cats that judge is ghastly. I often wonder why they even include "talent" in these competitions. Talent is irrelevant to beauty. I do part ways on your savaging of the contestant though. I don't find her so terribly unattractive, but then I am an American man so...

The_Editrix said...

"Talent is irrelevant to beauty."

Of course it is. To include it in the contest is nothing but politically correct garbage.

"I don't find her so terribly unattractive, but then I am an American man so..."

Of course she is attractive. It is just that an European women will see things differently from an American male, not to speak of the age gap.

I will tell you whom I find "attractive". Considering I am sexually fairly straight, not American and could (I presume) be your mother, agewise, my choice will probably amaze you, but here it goes (names in no order whatsoebver, just as they occur to me):
Anne Bancroft
Michelle Pfeiffer
Sophia Loren
The (VERY young) Elizabeth Taylor
Maureen O'Hara
Lili Palmer
Angie Dickinson
Audrey Hepburn
Olivia de Havilland
Rachel Weisz (to include at least one from the young generation)
Shirley Temple (for example in "Fort Apache") I find more "cute" than attractive, but I like her in spite of all the flak she got.
Romy Schneider, my all time favourite. They say I looked a bit like her when I was young, but my prettyness could never even faintly touch her beauty.

Grace Kelly I find, just like Carrie Prejean, uninteresting.

Women I find positively offputting and obnoxious (in order of obnoxiousness):
Jessica Lange
Susan Sarandon
Barbra Streisand (but at least she has some talent)
Marlene Dietrich (who hadn't any I could see)
Shelley Winters
Lee Remick
Sally Field

Is there a pattern? Yes, it is obvious that I am a huge John Wayne fan. They are all white and most of them are from a different era.

Any conclusions we can draw from that?