Tuesday, 5 May 2009

America's Greatest Strength: Feminism

Under the feministically correct header "Islamic Gender Apartheid" Phyllis mother-women give up whatever ghost of a unique and human self they may have when they 'marry' and raise children Chesler has another hot flush power charge and writes once more about the beauty of feminism the evil of Islam.
Recently, a Pakistani-Muslim man beheaded his Pakistani-Muslim wife in Buffalo. Beheading takes great strength and planning. [As is proven by the Candian bus-beheader or that at a campus cafe at Virginia Tech. And what does this have, even if it were true, to do with anything?] The wife’s crime? After being beaten and living in fear for years, she finally dared to leave him. More: she dared to keep the children and the home. An order of protection forced him out of his castle. [Aren't we sounding a wee little bit spiteful here, Professor Chesler?] In Pakistan he would simply kill her for such insubordination. [So what did he do in America?] He would not be prosecuted. Here, American feminists and domestic violence workers refused to see this as an honor killing [Wow! Thank you, feminism!], refused to understand that a beheading is related to radical fundamentalist Islam and jihad, and insisted that if they did so, it would render them vulnerable to being called “racists.” [They insisted on WHAT exactly?]

Although America is far from perfect, it is still a more democractic, more lawful, more feminist [Yes, she really said that...], and more compassionate [Thanks to feminism, no doubt!] country than is any Muslim country anywhere in the world—no matter how charming or hospitable its citizens may also be. [Chesler is STILL apologizing that she is no better than all the other dumb cows who marry a Muslim and are then, surprise surprise, less than charmed with things in his native land.] The same is true of tiny, imperfect, amazing, and much maligned Israel. It stands head and shoulders above its Arab and Muslim neighbors in terms of human rights. This is one of the reasons it is so demonized.

To my sorrow, many western academics, feminist activists, [How does that go together with the above statement? Are they not "real" feminists, similar to those peaceful followers of Islam vs. Islamists?] and mainstream journalists actively resist this point of view.They claim that human bomb-terrorism, hate speech, child suicide bombers, honor killings masterminded, funded, and carried out by Muslims, have absolutely nothing to do with Islam blah blah yabber yabber yack yack...
Like those other "Islam critics" who see Islam either as a threat to their homosexual lifestyle, to the preservation of the white race or who disapprove not just of Islam but of any religion, specifically Christianity*, this bumbling smatteress**, whose writing does certainly not take great strength and planning but who rather makes up her shit as she goes along, sees it as something that is less-than-tolerant towards feminism. God help us, if THAT is what will supposedly save us from Islam.

* Interestingly, whereas the first two reasons to be against Islam never overlap, at least it has escaped me so far, each of the first two individually and the third one almost always DO overlap.

** This word is, obviously, one of my home-made creations. It is derived from "to smatter".