Thursday, 19 February 2009

Western civilization reeks of rot:

Chantelle apparently slept with many boys near the time of conception. A war of single parents is developing, each proudly claiming paternity by their teen sons.

Well, what can one say? Things like that always seem to happen to girls with crappy names like "Chantelle". Had her parents named her, for example, Elizabeth Rose or Fiona none of this would have happened.

Hat tip: MND.
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Terry Morris said...

Names do mean something. And there are consequences that follow the subjecting of children with non-traditional names. I'm absolutely convinced you're right, Nora, as we've discussed before.

It's not the name itself, but the attitude behind or beneath the givng of inordinate names. Whenever I see it done, I'm immediately alarmed that there is a problem.

Evil Style Queen said...

Yes, we DID discuss this already, didn't we? Did you see how the Palin-grandchild was named? Tripp or something like that. Now they have Tripp, Trig and Track. Do you know how Donald Duck's nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie are named in German? Tick, Trick and Track.

On a more serious note, of course it's the attitude behind it, and not some magic spell a name casts. Poor little JonBenet Ramsey was doomed right from the day of her birth. I have blogged about it here. On occasions like that I have to muster up all my fairness and have myself recount all the many good qualities America and the Americans possess and how much we owe them. Honestly, anything like this sort of socially accepted child abuse is beyond my comprehension.

But back on topic. I have noticed, too, that almost all victims of child abuse and neglect here in Germany had been given that sort of crappy name we are talking about. I have blogged about such a case here. In the face of those children's fate, however, it seems to be flippant to thematize their names, so I never belaboured it any more, but there IS a pattern behind it.

Terry Morris said...

Honestly, anything like this sort of socially accepted child abuse is beyond my comprehension.

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The_Editrix said...

Ashley, Shelby, Brandi...

I haven't installed the loudspeakers for my new computer yet, but I take it that was NOT a travesty or something critical of that event?