Saturday, 21 August 2010

The Ehical Superiority of the Female Sex

While doing the modest research for the previous entry I found this:

It's a one-page website and the above is the sole content. It can be found at the URL: And no, I'll not go there, I or my computer might catch something nasty.

At my German blog I recently discussed an article in the leading German "teen mag" (Gosh, the word alone is nausea-inducing) Bravo (which targets at a readership between 12 and 17), where the young were informed how to deal with their "exes", another just as pukeworthy piece of vocabulary. Notabene that the strategies, all heavily relying on in-depth knowledge of the dirtiest of human sexuality, suggested for girls to apply to their ex-boyfriends are notably more fiendish and swinish than those suggested for the boys to treat their ex-girlfriends with. I wonder why. Not.

(Notabene that they were not castigated for THAT by the a certain faction of the blogosphere, but because they only focused on -- ta-daaa -- heterosexual sex. (I am considering to rename this blog, because I have come to think that not feminism, but the homosexual lobby may be the "most destructive single cause for the decline of our civilisation".)

In case you wonder whether there is a page -- there isn't, I tried it. I wonder why. Not.