Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A Match Made in Heaven Useless Exercise

The internationally known, controversial historian and media personality Niall Ferguson has broken up with his wife of 16 years after a string of adulterous affairs. The 45-year-old Harvard professor has left former newspaper editor Susan Douglas, who had enabled his breakthrough in the media and with whom he has three children from the age of nine to fourteen, for the Somalian-born Islam-critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali, so the Mail informs us earlier this month. And:
The pair are understood to have met at Time magazine’s prestigious 100 Most Influential People In The World party in New York last May. Ferguson and Ms Hirsi Ali, who have both been on the list, were introduced by Belinda Luscombe, the magazine’s art editor.


Ms Luscombe, a friend of Ms Hirsi Ali, said: ‘I think that is where they met for the first time. In all the years I have known Ayaan, she’s never had a boyfriend. She’s gorgeous, but with a fatwa, it’s tricky to find guys.’
Cry me a river. But there's always another woman's husband or so it seems.

Hirsi Ali, who wants to ban conservative and Christian political parties, which includes immigration restriction parties, in Europe and equates the Catholic faith with Islam, Nazism and Communism, is an outspoken feminist, and yet she's dropping her knickers for a British Conservative and he's quite happy with the idea while the depraved, rotten to the core media stands by and applauds because it's so romantic. Isn't it amazing the way love (for lack of a better word) crosses racial, religious, and political boundaries. But only when it wants to.

Interestingly, in the inroduction of Ferguson's Virtual History (the counter-factualism on which it is based is highly controversial among historians), he explicitly equates Fascism, Communism, and Feminism. But what does it matter for a notorious philanderer if it comes with a new piece of pussy.

Many historians dismiss counterfactual history as sometimes entertaining, but not meeting the standards of serious historical research due to its speculative nature and dismiss it as "a useless exercise". Rather like Ms. Hirsi Ali's criticism of Islam or her "conservative think tank" work, or so it seems.


Alligator said...

The novelty will wear off for Ferguson and he will eventually ditch Hirsi Ali. This is the way of the serial philanderer. I've known women who took back philandering husbands, or took up with men known to be womanizers. "Oh, it will be different this time, because I understand him." I'm still waiting to hear of a case where this worked out. Hirsi Ali being a good feminist may even tire of him some day and tell him to hit the road first. Either way, I seriously doubt they are not going to last.

The_Editrix said...

'gator OF COURSE it won't last. Apart from the ethical aspect, it will never cease to amaze me how adulteresses can seriously believe that THEY (THEY THEY!) will be treated differently from their predecessors by the philanderer.

No, that story is so disgusting on so many levels. The feminist working for a "conservative" "think tank" (I'm running out of quotes here) the feminist dropping her knickers for a rightist who equals feminism with all evils imaginable, while same rightist has nothing against feminism in action if it only provides him with some new pussy. And this is only the hypocrisy bit, don't get me started on the other aspects.

For Islam critics like Hirsi Ali and Irshad Manji, another major pain-in-the-proverbial, it's not about preserving the West, but about THEIR (THEIR THEIR!) "lifestyle" choices. That comes as a shock if one happens, as I used to, to take women seriously in matters that are more involved and ethical than skirt lengths or skin treatment. Morals and ethics are indivisible, so much for Ms. Hirsi Ali's "Islam critique".