Sunday, 18 October 2009

When Bloggerettes Hit The Internet


Debbie "Photoshop Queen" Schlussel: This is from a blogger, a "conservative" blogger, mind you, who wants to be taken seriously as a pundit and when everything else is said and done ends up just as a -- punditerette.

Why? Because she can't help herself just as she can't help herself about the Photoshopping. I wish John Derbyshire would photoshop his awful haido, but alas he doesn't.

It's hormones, stupid!

Btw, nothing but gushing, sucking-up, "supportive" comments there. Americans deserve what they are getting.

Gosh, that woman is a pain in the proverbial. At least Coulter is entertaining, not whining, and fairly often right on the mark. If she weren't so intellectually dishonest and would get off the idea that her cachectic frame in flimsy little black dresses is something to strut, I'd almost like her.