Thursday, 15 October 2009

Only Male Mass Murderers Have Manners

A friend gave me the DVDs for the first season of "Dexter". Writing this, I assume that you all have watched it. In Germany, if I am not mistaken, it was only shown on pay TV and I don't even own a television set anyway. I think it is good entertainment, as long as one doesn't take it too seriously. Starting to think "ethics" will spoil the fun. However, having not watched TV for many years, I was appalled at the underlying feminism and I am afraid that we have a trend here. I hated the fluttering, wispy and washed-out girlfriend and the annoying, horse-faced sister, whose favourite word starts with "F" and ends with "uck". Interestingly, I liked the aggressive lieutenant, maybe because she is, different from the other women, such a feast on the eyes, or maybe because she has, as women ought to and different from all other ones in the entire series, breasts. Or maybe because she is openly and always aggressive and not, like the two other ones, either mousy and nervous, OR bossy and shrill, whatever suits their agenda. It is so annoyingly predictable. It's always Ms. Wishy-Washy who calls the shots when it comes to sex because she is so "traumatized" and what drove me up the wall was that she calls Dexter every time she has one of her earth-shattering problems and the wimpy idiot never tells her to get lost, however deeply involved he might me in the solution of a REAL problem. Yeah! If The Great Earth Mother calls, even mass murderers' black hearts melt! It was a pity (and a sickeningly politically correct solution), too, that Dexter saved her sorry ass when she violated the agreement about visitation rights with her no-good ex-husband. Of course, how could anybody expect her (HER HER!) to know!

I performed a brief Google search and, yes, feminists tend to love it. Here are a couple of excerpts:

Under the header My new favorite female character one informs us that:
Deb is Dexter’s sister and a police officer and I officially want her to be my new best friend. I have just started watching the third season so I do not know what her character development has been through the other two. She won me over with her response to Dexter having a child: “A mother-fucking, rolly-polly chubby-cheeked shit machine” which is pretty much awesome.

Deb is a problematic character in many ways and is far from the feminist icon status that we give characters like Lisa Simpson. She is desperate for respect and lives in the shadow of her father so there are aspects of her achieving to please a man.
You got that? This depraved bit of human DNA thinks it is a drawback if a woman wants to please a man while it is a good thing ("pretty much awesome") to call a baby, a little human, a "mother-fucking, rolly-polly chubby-cheeked shit machine".

This assessment insinuates an underlying homoerotic motive the series clearly doesn't possess, but at least the author refrains from being disgusting. And about horse face:
Deb, too, is a police officer on the squad; she’s just transferred in, and has to prove herself. She’s also the love-deluded woman who ends up in grave distress, a rather pat role that actor Jennifer Carpenter and the generally smart script work against by giving Deb an easily provoked kind of seething rage. Where Dexter’s repressions keep him battened down ..., Deb’s emotions run rampant over murder scenes and her personal life (especially when they overlap). Their contrasting characters—he, all secret depths and evasions, she, all surface and heart—and their insistent commitment to each other based on nurture rather than nature provides the show’s heart.
Does anybody think, like me, that this "easily provoked kind of seething rage" is nothing but female nature unbridled by societal norms and simple good manners? It seems that good manners, as shown by Dexter, can nowadays only be explained as the outward expression of a psychotic, mass-murderous MALE sociopath.

A third one thinks that to understand "a culture that supports violence against women" needs the image of a psychopathic killer who exsanguinates and dismembers women ("We don’t see this enough on tv") , whereas the "Bitch Magazine", which is aptly named save for the missing "silly", states that the potential for misogyny on this show was pretty strong because Dexter mainly kills "nubile young woman" or "hot blonde chicks", which he plainly doesn't.

Why does one, wherever one digs and at the first little shallow cut of the spade, invariably find those undignified, vulgar or simply stupid females who think that they aren't given enough opportunity to spread even more lack of dignity, vulgarity and general sillyness? And who seem to think, too, that actually WATCHING a TV-series isn't necessary. Having an opinion is quite enough as long as one has that ...errrr... foramination between one's legs.

Just one brief and entirely different aspect of political correctness: I wonder whether it would have been possible to make the psychotic mass murderer black and the abusive superior officer white.


newt0311 said...

I seriously doubt that a person with an IQ of less than ~110 (2-3 SD above black mean) could have consistently maintained the standards of "cleanliness" that Dexter seems to maintain.

Carl said...

Have you ever thought about what homoeroticism is outside of the feminist "anything (topless) male competition" definition? That is, the proper Greek definition.

Greek statues are not homoerotic per se; they are a product of homoeroticism. What you then realise is that pretty much every TV show, almost the entire media industry, and definitely everything that typical modern women are interested in is a form of female homoeroticism.

This wouldn't be a problem if women didn't pretend that it didn't exist while at the same time putting down any male forms of it. Nevermind the fact that male homoeroticism often has a heavy dose of self mockery while female homoeroticism is more often than not Deb from Dexter.

Female Misogynist said...

LOL! Just last night, I was watching the most recent episode and thinking about blogging about this show. I love Dexter too, and the feminism in the show is annoying the hell out of me.

Deb becomes more confident at the end of the second season, but she's still annoying as hell and insecure, and the less said about her romantic dealings, the better. Let's just say that her judgment does not noticeably improve after Brian.

I cut Rita more slack because she tries to take good care of her kids; it's not the character's fault that her situation comes out of the Lifetime Channel. Of course, the tv guys were delighted to depict her as the helpless victim of her abusive husband, but in real life, it's single mothers and their boyfriends who commit most of the child abuse.

The second season also features a demonstration of why women shouldn't be police lieutenants, though of course they don't spin it that way. There is a scene of Laguerta's immediate superior getting out of trouble by playing the "white male old boys' club" card, which disgusted me no end.

But if I like a show at all, I have to put up with that kind of crap.

Female Misogynist said...

P.S. Actually, I do approve of one of Deb's boyfriends, but he's the one she lets get away, naturally.