Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Women at The Wheel

From the San Francisco Chronicle's "Car Talk":
Dear Tom and Ray: In January, I visited the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. I parked on a slightly sloping street in Golden Gate Park, locked the car and went off to the museum. When I returned to my car, I noticed a chunk of a tree under my front tire and a note on my windshield that said my car had started rolling down the hill. Apparently, I didn't turn my wheels to the curb, didn't put my standard transmission in first gear and didn't set my parking brake. What are the chances of some people noticing my car moving, stopping it, having the piece of wood close enough to put under the tire and (this is the amazing part) be willing to do all of that? - Barbara
No. The amazing part is that I am still amazed at women's idiocy. And that was one who had some business to do at the California Academy of Sciences, mind you. (Highlighting by me.)


Carl said...

You know, I thought this wasn't too bad at first. SF probably has the steepest urban roads in the world and someone from a more normal area might not know all the procedures.

Then I realised that "parking brake" is American for "hand brake".

Carl said...

Reading the comments of the article, it seems that a lot of Americans don't use the hand brake.

I wonder if American kids go car pushing...

The_Editrix said...

Carl, I take it you are English (or British). That thought process is exactly what happened to me as well because I am, too, an English English speaker. I did some research to verify the technical details, because I couldn't believe that such idiocy exists.

I am driving a Mitsubishi Shogun Pinin (the small version) and I don't trust the hand brake completely. I am living in the Ore Mountains, a fairly hilly region in Germany, and I intend to get a wheel chock (I had to look that word up, what I mean is a wedge to place under a wheel) at least for off road purposes. How completely idiotic can one be?

The_Editrix said...

I looked up "car pushing" and found this:

"If you really want a great workout from pushing cars, try doing this: You don't need a steering partner, only yourself. Roll the driver's side window down, unlock the steering wheel (don't have the ignition in run position though), close the door and start pushing the car where the windshield post and front of the side window meet together. Steer the car with your right hand (left if you drive on the opposite side of the road from America). This gives an awesome workout to you.

How do I know? I'm a retired auto mechanic who's had to push many a cars in this fashion for years. Everything from little Geo Metros to big as a battleship '74 Cadillacs. My longest push was with a mid-sized car for 1/2 mile on flat ground (took car out for test drive, and it stalled) this way. Would be more impressive if it matched Henrick's truck pull... Good luck, have fun and be careful! Shawn"

"Be careful" indeed! Ah well, idiocy isn't an exclusively female domain, it seems.

Carl said...

What I meant is that leaving the hand brake off is just asking for a bunch of teenagers to push your car away.

The_Editrix said...

I realize that. But because "car pushing" is not done here (presumably because everybody leaves the hand brake on) I wanted to make sure what it is, and that's how I found the above off topic bit.