Monday, 24 August 2009

The Chicken of Equality and Tolerance are Coming Home to Roost

Two comments from my other blog:
Alligator said...

Nature abhors a vacuum and I've heard that the same applies to spiritual beliefs. The West has abandoned much of its spirituality (primarily Christianity) for secularism. Perhaps this has left a void that is now being filled increasingly by Islam. Many people no longer have a basis (spiritual or historical) for refusing or opposing it. That and they have been conditioned by multiculturalism to see Islam as co-equal to anything produced in the west. Its just another way to live. (We must ignore the stoning of women or homosexuals, honor killings or threats to assimilate or annihilate those who do not embrace the true faith)

I don't know, I'm just casting a line out here for reasons. So many people seem hell-bent on proving they tolerate or accept Islam while overlooking its significant dark acts. Yet they are quick to pounce on any shortcomings of conservatives, Christians or Jews as reasons for rejecting and ostracizing those people, be they real or as is frequently the case, imagined. It puzzles and confounds me.

23 August, 2009 05:03

The_Editrix said...

Western submission to Islam has many reasons. Material considerations, love for totalitarian ideologies or, the spiritual vacuum you describe or, as in Germany, the well-founded hope that Muslims will finish what Germans were forced to stop 64 years ago.

Also, there is the aspect of Western women who have totally emasculated their men and are now nostalgically seeking for aggressive, violent, sweaty masculinity. That they are totally ignoring the rape statistics is probably something that has to do with the mental incostistency from which the majority of the female sex suffers.

Another, and specifically unsavoury, aspect is that of a certain cross-cultural affinity, which is largely overlooked, probably because the mere thought is too repulsive to most sane and healthy people to be taken as something that ought to be considered. How debased and rotten to the core is a society whose media publishes a justification of sex with children with the goal of excusing Islam of what it is? This aspect is more important that we wish it to be.

24 August, 2009 20:49

Women have not just alienated and emasculated their own natural protectors, but those of their sons as well.