Monday, 27 July 2009

The Missing "Y"

Searching for information on "Oglinggate" with the help of the keywords "Obama" and "sexist" renders some remarkable results. One of them is this:
From: K...... K.... (e-mail her)

Has Steve Sailer or anyone else at VDARE.COM considered that Barack Obama is a sexist?

Obama titled his first book Dreams from My Father, even though his father abandoned him when he was an infant.

Then Obama, to use Sailer’s word, was “ruthless” in allowing the release of his wife Michelle’s “semi-literate” Princeton thesis.

Finally, Sailer reveals that Obama smeared his “dear old granny” in the interest of his political agenda.

Based on Sailer’s accounts, it appears that Obama has issues with women.

As a proud and independent woman, I am offended.

K.... is an educator in Northern California.
This is so rock-hard, flinty-tough, impregnably and intransigently dumb that even I am speechless. Well, for a moment. Do that bimbo and the haufwits who are putting up her drivel really force me to defend Obama again? It seems so. I haven't read Dreams from My Father, however, I read Steve Sailer's America's Half-Blood Prince. From that, it doesn't seem that Obama wrote a eulogy of his deadbeat dad, but vented his racial identity problems which focused, somewhat naturally, on the black parent who ... drumroll ... happened to be the male part in his conception. So he threw granny under the bus, but we can safely assume that he would have submitted gramps to the same treatment had he observed gramps behaving in a similar manner. By the way, he threw his nasty pastor unter the bus as well when the latter became an embarrassment. What does that make him now? A white supremacist-misandrist?

And I don't even WANT to know what the same proud and independent educators, lactation consultants and sanitary engineeresses would have said had Obama NOT allowed the release of his wife's thesis.

Based on all that I'd say that Steve Sailer probably HAS considered that Barack Obama is a sexist and came to the conclusion that no, he isn't. Maybe he (Sailer) is a tad more bright than some uppity teachers, midwifes and cleaning women ... oooops ... educators, lactation consultants and parquet aestheticians.

Any member of a collective, that is sex-obsessed and powerful enough to bully millions of American-English speakers into adapting the name of a rapeseed-derived cooking oil brand in lieu of the generic name is dangerous and potentially capable of ANYthing, for example spouting sheer and undiluted feminist garbage at a "conservative" website and get away with it.