Friday, 24 July 2009

Fat Is A Feminist Issue Indeed

This is one of those little essays I wrote after I first hit the Internet and discovered, the proverbial babe in the woods, feminist message boards more than ten years ago. I have edited it a bit to get rid of the worst smell of naivité.

For women, as much they'd like to appear as being above it, there is one central topic: other women's looks and discussing women's looks is, as every man has to learn the hard way, a volatile topic at best, a snake pit at worst. The following is not a verbatim transcript of message board discussions, but an overview of some of the worst clichés with which a bunch of brainwashed whiners bores us stiff on a regular basis. However, there are different approaches to tackle the problem of one's own inadequacies:

The "It's Conveniently All The Men's Fault" Approach
I feel sorry for these girls that have allowed society to manipulate their minds into believing this is desirable and is in their best interests, but gees..... what do you do to wake women up that they don’t have to take this type of dictates from society, and there is no need for them to flip flop the opposite extreme direction when they wake up and want to become equal and human. I have had my share of manipulations, abuses, and dictates as a female and I realize its not easy for a female who sees very little value in their selves to break loose from those feelings especially when there is always going to be SOME men in society that are going to promote women in negative, unhealthy, or demeaning ways like the modeling and fashion industry.

Well, for starters there are certain unwritten customs governing conversation and the regularity with which they recur among otherwise noticeably different people is first truly amazing and second an indicator that something seriously stinks. For example, if somebody says "..and if you'll forgive me for saying so…" it's invariably the opening for something absolutely unforgivable. Likewise, if somebody says "I am no antisemite but…" one can be 100% sure an antisemitic rant will follow and if, in the course of a conversation covering women's looks, somebody (invariably female) says "I feel sorry for … " [insert models, slim women, generally all non-frumps and -slovens] one can wager one's right of primogeniture against a stale bun that she damn well isn't.

Which brings us right on topic!

Now what IS that obscure entity "society", which is to blame for each and every evil, iniquity, injustice and superfluous kilo? WHO, for heaven's sake, IS "society"? People are not brought up by some nondescript "society", or are they? They are not even brought up by parents but, even in those ever-dwindling cases that there IS a father, and one who is allowed to oppen his mouth, present, by women. THEY shape the young woman's mind.

Men, apart from those who are hell-bent on having a clothes rack to impress their fellow social climbers, like their women soft and rounded and more often than not don't even notice clothing in detail. "The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world", as the feminists are fond of saying, an insight baffling in its simplicity, accuracy and insight, albeit only taken seriously when it suits the feminist agenda. Women, with the only exception maybe of the truly desperate ones, give a flying fornication about what men think about their looks, it's other women they want to impress.

Now WHO gives Barbie Dolls to little girls? Certainly not the fathers. Men tend to find Barbie Dolls rather silly and I have yet to meet a father who wants his daughter to look like that. That said, it is conveniently overlooked that Mattel, the Barbie-makers, offer quite a lot of exercise options for Barbie, which is certainly a better incentive for girls than teaching them that being fat frees them from male oppression.

Whose idol was the pathologically self-centered, bulimic clothes rack Princess "Di"? Women's or men's? I know only a very few men who were smitten by her, but I know hardly a woman who was not, and from WHOM got poor old Charlie all the flak when he dared to settle for the more homely, but obviously truly devoted, Camilla? Other men? You must be kidding!

But let's assume, for argument's sake, that an anorexic figure IS a male dream and IF it shapes the minds and self-esteem of girls and women, then WHY does obesity outweigh anorexia in real life by far?

It is my firm belief that behind all that shrill obsessing about "dictates from society", "men ... that are going to promote women in negative, unhealthy, or demeaning ways" and the (totally male dominated, of course) "modeling and fashion industry" are two ulterior motives: First, it serves as an instrument of power for Dworkin (ever seen a picture of her?), McKinnon and other vicious hypocrites to reach their ultimate goal, i.e. making women's (and men's, for that) lives miserable. The strategy taps into a potential conflict between men and women. It encourages women to resent men for feeling concerned about their growing weight. And we all know that men never feel real concern or compassion. Hell they hardly feel much at all, or do they? Second, for the majority of women, it serves as an excuse and an ideological underpinning for the simple thing of letting themselves go, namely to go grossly fat. Feminists have a perverse agenda, which glorifies fatness.

Why don't those clay-footed philanthropists "feel sorry" for the poor, pathetic, disorientated female misfits who insult our sense for aesthetics, take two seats in the bus and one and a half in the plane, burden our health system with their cardio-vascular disorders, circulatory disturbances, respiratory and worn-out joint complaints and are just a general pain in the proverbial, and don't even BEGIN telling me they aren't because they damn well ARE. And PARTICULARLY so, because they wouldn't need to be that way. We are not talking about cripples here.

So nobody tells them (or DARES telling them) that it is nothing but their own responsibility to seek therapy and general help and that they might -- just might -- try to eat less and start some exercising. No, they are told they are "victims", a common outlook, which is widely sanctioned by the politically correct psychotherapist mafia and societal mainstream. There is no more viciously malevolent and anti-social sentence than "There there, I can relate to you" because anybody who isn't that fat damn well can't. After Holocaust survivors, cancer survivors, rape survivors, abuse of various sorts survivors, we now have -- obesity survivors! The terminology reveals the agenda: "Something bad has happened to me, it must be someone else’s, preferably the men's, doing". By standing up for fat women, feminism creates a perverted system of female solidarity. Fat women get encouragement, support and even acclaim for an unhealthy lifestyle. Feminists WANT women fat. They want to proselytize women who feel that they are ugly or potentially rejected by men. These are the first and easiest prey for an ideology that fosters men-hating. It's not men who force their views on women; it's a women-shaped society that forces its views on women and it is not beyond feminists to fish even at the very bottom of that foodchain.

But let's change the object. I don't share the condescending attitude of many gestagen-type, naturally slim women towards their less fortunate sisters and their definition of "fat", a definition that quite often starts at wearers of more than a size 8 at a height of 6'10". As somebody who is constantly fighting a, mostly successful, but sometimes grueling, battle against age- and hormone-induced weight gain, I do, however, resent the victimology mentality that is slowly creeping in everywhere and which has taken over the fat-women-community long ago.

Here we have, and I guarantee those quotes are authentic, a different specimen among those brainwashed losers, this one, rather refreshingly, at least without any pretensions at empathy or analysis. This approach is not so much about blaming one's own misery on the men, but to vent one's frustration about one's fat- (although probably not JUST fat-) induced low social status mainly on other women, which shows that sheer and undiluted grudge can sometimes render better results than phony analysis.

The "I'm Absolutely Desperate But Can't Stop Eating" Approach
"sounds to me like you are afraid of the idea that big can be beautiful...why are you afraid?"

"And big men DO LOVE big women because they know that big women, unlike skinny little sluts, will 1) treat them not use them for money, not abuse them, not cheat on them and 2) will take care of not do drugs, etc."

"And, more and more statistics are coming out that say that more men love big women than we know but will not admit it because assholes like you will degrade them for it."

"And statistics today show that big does not equal unhealthy nor unattractive nor lazy nor fact, all the stats show just the opposite…"
"…but you, of course, will deny it because you are are afraid to open you mind, go against what society and your parents say and to think for yourself."

"…and BBW magazine and Dimensions and Mode would not be selling millions of copies a day and men would not be buying those magazines and would not be writing to the editors of those magazines raving about how they love big women and there would be no men putting ads in those magazines and in newspapers all across the country looking for BIG, BEAUTIFUL WOMEN and the larger size women's fashion industry would not be a multimillion dollar industry.

"BTW, I have seen some really nasty skinny women so I'd shut up if I were you because you do not know what you are talking about. I have seen skinny women who don't shave, don't care about what they wear (they will wear ripped, stained and ill-fitting clothes), will have a cigarette hanging out of their mouth, guzzling beer or vodka, popping pills, throwing up in the streets and passing out."

"At least the so-called "nasty" fat women will shave, shower, be clean and sober and disease-free, will fix their hair nice (as opposed to the rat's nests of the skinny women), will have manicures and pedicures done and be smelling of Georgio instead of stale smoke and alcohol." "Yeah, big women are so nasty, right? So, go ahead. Go after the crab and lice and aids ridden skinny women. If that is what you are into!!!!"
The amount of raw enmity was baffling and left many questions to ask. What does an aesthetic judgment have to do with fear for example, (by the way, it's an old leftist mantra to denounce the conscious, well-founded and reasonable rejection of something as "fear), or what decency and character, cleanliness and grooming have to do with a person's dress size. Or whether the increasing XXL market has less to do with a wishful-thinking-induced sudden preference of men for fat women, instead of an ever growing number of fat women anyway. I asked all this, but to no avail.

Of course, and everybody who has but only one eye to see will have noticed that slovens and frumps are more widespread among the fattie-faction, presumably because they've given up long ago anyway or because they didn't care all that much to begin with, but I was good and refrained from mentioning it.

My take on all that? Simple! Telling women that fat is beautiful is like prescribing tranquilizers to a person who suffers from the squits so that he (or rather she) doesn't mind anymore what she's doing to her pants.