Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Cultural Damage of Obscene Proportions

Searching for information about hunting and shooting, I just discovered the blog An Englishman's Castle. A succinct post about the introduction of ID cards to Britain amused me greatly.
Finally One Genuine Good Reason To Welcome ID Cards
US celebrities like Madonna won't come to Britain because of ID cards - Telegraph
The content of the linked "Telegraph" article was even funnier than the Englishman's post, albeit, one can safely assume, unintentionally so.
Britain will suffer cultural and economic damage from the introduction of identity cards for foreigners, preventing stars such as Madonna staying in the UK, according to a group of academics and writers.
One can only wonder what perception of culture the members of this "group of academics and writers" possess to quote, of all people, Madonna as an example, Madonna, the woman whose face is much more obscene than all the semi-pornographic pictures of her together.

But it gets even better in the comment section:
When she moved from the USA to the UK, she made a measurable difference in the two countries' rankings in the intellectual property revenues league tables. I can't find the reference right now, but I think she may even have single-handedly put the UK in first place. Soaking the rich and bitching at the successful is surely the exclusive remit of our talent-free communist masters and their running dogs?
Such an argument comes in handy to effectively dicredit any criticism one doesn't like. Bitching at Madonna is not bitching at a successful, it is bitching at a, well, bitch. A bitch who happens to be successful and what that says about our culture I don't even WANT to exploit. The fact that she made a considerable difference in the British/American intellectual property rankings ought to lead to a re-evaluation of the definition of "intellectual" in those countries, not to an apology of Madonna, at least that is my understanding of the matter. That a "conservative", who ought to stand for family values, should defend that slag because she is successful is rather funny (both, peculiar and haha). But then, maybe the commenter doesn't see himself as one, although those who are ranting about "communists" everywhere usually do.

However, great blog find. Oh the joys of the Internet!

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