Monday, 19 February 2007

Roncesvalles Redux I

Last year, I thematised the folly of a number of Western (mainly German) women in connection with another one of the Evils of Islam.

However, all that has a different and more topical aspect, namely the fact that there seems to be a sort of hierarchy of politically correct values and mantras and that, should two of them clash, the more contemptible one of the two will prevail.

About 1500 German women approach the German embassy in Tunis every year because they intend to marry a man from Tunisia. The majority of couples wish to live in Germany, but some choose to live together in Tunisia.

Also, the German embassy in Tunisia receives reports of roughly 1600 cases of fraud every year (things in Egypt are not much better). The estimated number of unreported cases is much higher, because not every victim reports the crime, presumably out of shame.

Those victims are almost exclusively women with a few gay men thrown in and the perpetrators local men with whom they had sexual interaction. Sexual interaction that started during holidays in North African countries and ended later with the emotional and financial devastation of the victims.

However, some of them made their lack of common sense, taste and distinction public and that's where the website 1001Geschichte comes in.

According to this website and the wildly empathetic accounts in the media, those women are not victims of their own gullibility, but victims of an evil network with almost (some say actually) preternatural powers. This network, real or imagined, goes by the name of Bezness. Bezness is the local shibboleth for "business" -- this particular business being the exploitation and manipulation of sexually frustrated and dim-witted innocent and trusting Western women. Islam is never, or hardly ever, mentioned.

In my original article I commented that:
Of course, once stripped off the Islam-implication, the entire "Middle Eastern men" matter becomes intensely racist, but who cares. Female non-culpability can by definition not be challenged and beats "racism is evil" hands-down as a politically correct mantra.
Thanks to Rolf I discovered that one of the vilest Nazi-Websites I have ever encountered in the entire Internet, Forum Großdeutsches Vaterland (I am not gracing them with a link, go and google for Tatsächlich sind das keine Einzelfääe if you speak German and think you can stomach it), is celebrating those women as victims of Rassenschande. And yes, it's just that term, which is used, one of the most infamous terms among all the infamous ones of the Nazi-vocabulary. It is best (although still inadequately) translated as race-defilement or -shame.

I am not saying that those Bezness-"victims" are consciously asking for that kind of attention, but they certainly don't need to be amazed that they are getting it.

By the way, Forum Großdeutsches Vaterland is hosted on a server in the United States. That's the price for Free Speech. I am NOT being snide here, I am just providing rear cover for myself against any "Nazi" flame, individual or collective, from some dumb Ami.

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