Saturday, 18 February 2006

German Riddle

(Foto: T.Mughal/dpa)

From the website of the German station n-tv, a subsidiary of the RTL Group/Bertelsmann AG. The caption says:
Frauen demonstrieren am Mittwoch in der pakistanischen Hauptstadt Islamabad gegen die Mohammed-Karikaturen. Was genau sie mit dem Plakat sagen wollen, bleibt unklar.
I'll translate that for you: "Women rally against the Muhammad-cartoons in Pakistan's capital Islamabad on Wednesday. What exactly they intend to say with the poster remains unclear."

Not any longer! I'll tell you! They are saying: "If only our beloved Führer had known about those cartoons..."

(Oh what has become of our Nation of Poets and Philosophers if a lowly blogger has to tell them!)

Hat-tip to Alex, Gudrun and AchGut!