Tuesday, 11 November 2014

OMG! Kill it before it Lays Eggs!

Years ago, on a domestic flight, when the names of the pilots were announced and noticing that the co-pilot was a woman, I remarked to my neighbour: "Goodness" I hope she isn't suffering from premenstrual syndrome right now." He replied: "But you are a MACHO!" He looked like an ordinary businessman, not like a long-haired leftist at all, and was very angry, not joking. For the rest of the flight he didn't say a single word to me. Why am I telling this? I have stated, that in Germany, feminism hasn't gotten quite as grotesque as in the States, but that it is more underlying, crippling the entire society. In the meantime, we are quickly catching up. Genderism holds academia firmly in its grip. With it go such disgusting phenomena like the sexualization of small children in school and the destruction of the traditional family.

For a whiff of what is going on, go to the webpresence of  Professorette Lann Hornscheidt (it has given itself a "gender-neutral first name):
Do you want to contact Profx. Lann Hornscheidt? Please see that you use a form of address like "Sehr geehrtx Profx. Lann Hornscheidt".

Please avoid all two-gendered addresses like "Mr. ___", "Mrs. ___", "Dear (male version)___", or "Dear (female version) ___".
 "Sehr geehrte(r)" is the formal way addressing a person in a German letter.

This is no joke. I rather think it's damned frightening. There are 233 chairs for "Gender Studies" at German universities.